Concept-i Toyota Concept Car - Even the Japanese Need a Danish Hero

Did Toyota actually ask for our permission? Did we buy the Japanese car manufacturer? Read the stunning story below!


Toyota presented their vision for the car of the future. They named it CONCEPT-I. Sadly for Toyota they are 18 years behind the TRULY innovative people. More about that below.

Søgemaskineoptimering med de bedste


Concept-I is the leading and oldest Danish SEO Company. We do have money – and quite a lot of it. But not enough to buy Toyota. Now you know. Maybe they want to buy us? At least they love our brand! Is Toyota engaging søgemaskineoptimering in Denmark?

CONCEPT-I, Toyota and Rosenstand?

Appearing like a large dimpled egg, the Concept-i autonomous car was unveiled by Toyota at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as a true design concept; a canvas stitched with ideas for a warmer, more engaging, connected autonomous car of the future. Its hypothetical on-sale date is 2030, although Toyota freely admits that it has virtually no plans to put the Concept-i into production.

The question is: Did Toyota consult the Danish SEO Agency named Concept Interest with the website No, they actually did not. And despite the many rumors about us buying Toyota we can state clearly: We did not buy the Japanese car manufacturer!

Also we can state that Toyota in fact did not buy us either! They are welcome to make an offer though and by doing so avoiding a law suit for using our name 😉

Toyota also says:

Less of a machine. More of a pal.

Concept-i follows our belief that vehicles shouldn’t start with technology—they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them.

We could not agree more! We have always said, that we are less of a bureau and more of a friend. Furthermore it has been our philosophy for the past 18 years that SEO shouldn’t start with technology but with the people using the websites.

Man… Did they listen at Toyota? 🙂

Will there be legal consequences?

Of course not! We are happy that Toyota endorses our company and our brand by putting it in use for their attempt to predict the future of cars.

“This is what Toyota thinks driving will look and feel like in 2030,” declared Ian Cartabiano, Toyota’s CALTY design studio chief in California. “We’re going to have autonomous cars, but we want them to be fun while they’re autonomous.” In other words, with this concept car, Toyota envisions a friendly future, not a foreboding one.

We conjure with this statement 100%! We work autonomously with SEO and we are having fun doing it. But more importantly: We make sure that our clients are having even more fun when they read their bank statements after increasing their revenues dramatically due to our services.

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